Thursday, January 6, 2011


The teachers who are employed in state-run aided schools will surely benefit from the Bill that has recently been passed in the Assembly in order to have Mutual Transfer between two Teaching as well as Non-Teaching staff feasible. According to this bill, teachers and non-teaching staff are required to submit transfer applications to the committees of the respective schools.
Since the West Bengal School Service Commission (second amendment) Bill, 2010, has become an act, those seeking mutual transfers will have to submit their applications jointly to the school service commission.
After receiving the applications, the commission will decide whether the two can interchange schools.
School education minister Partha De today said the West Bengal School Service Commission Act, 1997, needed to be amended “to make the process of granting mutual transfers more easy”.
De added: “The commission will maintain a list of joint applications so that it can promptly issue transfer orders.”
Under the existing system, the process of mutual transfers gets delayed because of lack of coordination between the managing committees of the schools involved.
According to the bill, mutual transfers will be granted only if the two teachers seeking a swap hold the same post and seniority and teach the same subject.